Paula Patton- On How She Stays Fit

Paula Patton- On How She Stays Fit

Paula Patton is a 34-year-old actress and wife of RnB singer Robin thicke(they are expecting their first baby). She is most popular for her role as Ms. Rain, the heroic teacher in the emotionally powerful film Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire. She is a very beautiful woman who takes healthy eating and exercises very seriously. According to her, this is whats kept her in shape all these years. Below is how she stays healthy, happy and stress free. Hopefully this will inspire people to stay fit.

Paula’s Feel-Good Guide

1. Breathe Deep

“A year ago, I started doing Ashtanga yoga five or six days a week. Even if I do 30 minutes, I can clear my head. I’ve cut back during my pregnancy. I told my trainer I don’t want to see the inside of a gym. She said, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll have you back [in shape] in six weeks.’ ”

2. Go Green

“I’m trying to eat smart because I don’t want [losing the] postpregnancy weight to be difficult. There’s this packet of nutrients called Green Vibrance, and I at least try to have that. I also try to eat a salad every day. I switched from drinking coffee to green tea, but I’ve been craving milk shakes. My trick for not giving in: Fill up with some fruit or water first, then see if I still want one.”

3. Feed Your Face

“Since I’ve been pregnant, my nails have been stronger and my hair is thicker. My skin has been dry though, so I use a lot of La Mer products. I’ve also been doing Intraceuticals oxygen facials and Shiseido eye masks. I’ll pop them on and look fresher. I’m also loving my Clarisonic facial wash brush. It’s my new toy.”

4. Get Some Shut-Eye

“When people say ‘You have a pregnancy glow!’ I wonder if it has to do with my healthier lifestyle. No more cocktails, and I’m getting more sleep than ever—nine or 10 hours a night. I was never that girl!”

hopefully, we can all include some of the above tips to our fitness regime. i personally drink green tea. its full of anti oxidants and has anti ageing benefits 🙂

Photo credit: womens health mag