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How Much Fish Oil Should I Take During Pregnancy

How Much Fish Oil Should I Take During Pregnancy

Pregnant women should not unnecessarily consume herbal products unless it is required. They should not even intake the medication products or any health care supplements without consulting their doctor. Listed below are some important points you must keep in mind while using the best fish 

How to Make 4c Hair Soft and Curly. What Are Best Products for Hair Care?

How to Make 4c Hair Soft and Curly. What Are Best Products for Hair Care?

The best hair treatment products available on the market are the result of groundbreaking studies on healthy hair, including in the field of skin care. Although the fact that the cove is the crowning glory of the person can be true, hair and scalp require 

How to Use Dry Shampoo and Conserve Time From Washing Your Hair?

How to Use Dry Shampoo and Conserve Time From Washing Your Hair?

Knowing how to use dry shampoo can conserve you a lot of effort and time. Dry hair shampoos are specifically practical on insane weekday early mornings when you have to hurry to the office or do your early morning errands and have definitely no time at all to clean your mop. Your powdered shampoo can take in the excess oil and dirt that makes your locks look dull and limp. It also gets rid of the odor of unwashed hair, along with provides your hairs volume and bounce.

There’s a science to utilizing best dry shampoo for oily hair. Excessive will make your hair look dull. Insufficient of it will make your locks look neglected. And if you use the wrong kind of powdered shampoo, it will look too apparent that you have not cleaned your hair.

How to Use Dry Shampoo on oily hair

How do you use powder shampoo?

Think about the color of your hairs when you select a powder shampoo

If you have light-colored hair, you can use untinted dry shampoo. The powder will blend right into your hair. If you have darker locks, however, you may wish to use a tinted shampoo whose shade matches the color of your hair. In doing so, you will not have to fret about bits of shampoo displaying in your hairs in case you forgot to brush it out entirely.

If you can’t find a tinted dry shampoo that carefully matches your hair color

Proceed and use untinted powder shampoo. You will have to put in some extra effort in making sure you’ve got the excess powder out of your mop before you leave the restroom.


Wash your hands completely before using dry shampoo onto your scalp and hair

With your hands clean, you will not be contributing to the dirt and oil that’s already in your hairs.

If your powder shampoo can be found in an aerosol bottle

Spray the shampoo straight onto your roots. If you’re utilizing a regular container, scoop them into the palm of your hand. One tablespoon of the shampoo is typically enough to clean your scalp and roots.

Rub your scalp intensely with your fingers

This will ensure that the dry shampoo will take in the excess sebum and dirt in your hairs. Keep rubbing your scalp up until the dry shampoo is totally liquified.

Brush your hair

Brushing will eliminate any powdered shampoo left in your hair. It will also keep your hair glossy and smooth out all the tangles from your locks.

Use leave-on nourishing hair conditioner to your roots

The conditioner will include shine and volume to your hair. It will also offer your roots and scalp the nutrients they need to keep your hair healthy. Make certain that you use your conditioner just to your roots. Excess conditioner will make your hair hang limp and heavy.

Style your hair in whatever way you want

If your hair appears dull, put some hair serum on completions of your hair and just at the ends.


How to Use Dry Shampoo on oily hair

New Twists on Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo has been around for ages, it has started amassing extra attention just recently. This powder allows you to avoid hair washings, hence saving lots of money and time. Nowadays, the majority of people can never appear to have enough time or money so dry shampoo is delighting in a little bit of a renaissance. In addition to its increased appeal comes some new twists on this old favorite.

Generally, dry shampoo was an easy cornstarch-based powder that users would shake onto their scalp and comb through. It would take in the oil as it spreads out through the hair, this lowering the obvious shine that occurs with unwashed hair. It was simple enough to make a good replica at home utilizing basic cornstarch. The fundamental property is still comparable, the powder hair shampoos of today are a lot more advanced and hence capable of resolving a host of other hair issues at the same time.

What all to see in dry shampoo

Because this kind of item is typically used to fix oily hair issues, it just makes good sense that it has progressed to repair many typical problems that occur with greasiness. One such concern is limp hair. Hair that is oily tends to stay with the face and look limp and lifeless. The procedure of using the powder and after that fluffing your hair up with your fingertips includes a lot of lift and volume, offering the impression of newly cleaned hair that has lots of life.

Another issue that generally accompanies oily hair is an undesirable fragrance. Even if your head is not especially sweaty, your body’s natural oils tend to collect in your hair, making it odor “unwashed” at best. For this factor, many powder hair shampoos now include scents created to mask that unclean hair odor.

Find best priced shampoo

Budget is another consideration for this item. You can find hair powder in any rate range, some of the best dry hair shampoos can be costly. Some people think about the benefit worth the effort. When weighed against the expense of styling items and even your utility expenses from utilizing heat styling tools, it can really work out to be more affordable. If expense is a huge issue, you can also make your own, although it will not work in addition to the commercial items.

As dry shampoo continues to progress, it is becoming so proficient at achieving numerous other jobs that some people use it even if they do clean their hair routinely. People with fine hair, oily hair, or simply normally limp hair are gathering to this item. It’s also convenient to keep in your bag to fluff up your hair after removing a hat. Many individuals decide to bring some with them when taking a trip to simplify their beauty regimen on the road and decrease the number of hair items they need to load. Whatever the factor, dry hair shampoos are becoming more and more a part of daily life for lots of people and their appeal continues to skyrocket.


Dry shampoo is a really hassle-free item you should have if you’re typically too hectic to clean your hair. By knowing how to use dry shampoo and having the ideal item for your hair, you can delight in clean-feeling hair for days on end.

How to Relieve Sore Muscles From Dancing?

How to Relieve Sore Muscles From Dancing?

Muscle convulsions take place when a muscle has actually been inflamed or hurt in some method. An inflammation can take place as an outcome of recurring movement i.e., vacuuming, raking leaves, ironing clothing, playing tennis, and so on or an extending or pulling injury. Muscles 

Daily Foods For A Clean Stomach

Daily Foods For A Clean Stomach

Sedentary lifestyle and erratic eating habits affect our health in many ways and one of the most common consequences is GUT TROUBLE. The ease with which your stomach gets cleaned depends entirely on what you eat. And with a careful selection of foods and drinks, 

Career-Oriented African Women Should Make Health And Wellness A Priority

Career-Oriented African Women Should Make Health And Wellness A Priority

April is National Minority Health Month, and while we know the dismal statistics regarding diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other common illnesses that affect Black women, one thing we often fail to consider is the dramatic impact work can have on one’s health.

According to a recent study, women need more sleep than men because, quite frankly, dealing with patriarchy really wears us down.  The study by Loughborough University’s Sleep Research Center found women need about 20 more minutes of sleep than men because of our male-dominated society. And what could be more patriarchal than the African society?

African women  not only face the stresses of sexism daily but also racism if they live in the diaspora. In the workplace, Black women are often so misrepresented. Sometimes Black women are seen as the angry Black woman if they make complaint, so often Black women will keep to themselves and try to handle everything without asking for help–to be the superwoman. This is a lot to deal with and causes major stress. Imagine if you are a darker skinned woman and you really stand out in the office–there is no way for you to skip a meeting with it going unnoticed.

What we often don’t notice ourselves, however, is how that pressure affects our own health. There have been numerous studies that show that middle-class Black career women have underweight babies more often than their poorer counterparts. And these women are getting prenatal care, but it is the stresses of their lives–at home and at work–that are probably one of the causes of this. “The constant struggle in the workplace Black women face is unique. Racism, especially subtle racism, is a special kind of stress.

That stress leads to particular health concerns for Black women. Among them are heart disease, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer is now high up on the list. We also suffer from diabetes and HIV at a higher rate. And mental health is huge. We suffer clinical depression a lot more that other women for a variety of reasons. Black women over index in nearly all chronic diseases and we have a higher mortality rate for these chronic diseases.

In fact, the death rate from breast cancer for African women is 50 percent higher than for white women. And racial and economic inequities in screening and treatment only exacerbate this. “In the U.S. for example, 60 percent of low-income women are screened for breast cancer vs. 80 percent of high-income women. But even within the same economic stratum, white women have higher screening rates than African-American and Latino women. African-American and Latino women on average undergo more radical breast cancer surgeries than white women according to Forbes.

There are things that Black women can do to guard their health, even despite the gap. The answer may seem very simple but, know your risks. Know your family health history; educate yourself on your options in regards to screenings. There are different screenings you should have at different ages. Go every year for your checkup. Know your body and listen to your body. Talk to your physician.

Get enough rest especially if you start experiencing consistent fatigue.  Lack of sleep can truly affect your health. Turn off the cell phone, decompress. You will be amazed at how much this can help. Seek out spiritual comfort if that is something you do; reach out to your family network. Get help if your need help to create a balance in life. Have someone take care of the kids and go to get your nails done or just to take a walk. Work on stress management. If you have a disease then you have to pay attention to your physical and mental health. Everybody has ups and downs but if you have prolonged sadness or feelings of lowness, get help. You can have a great job, a car, fancy clothes, but if you don’t have your health you don’t have anything.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: The Secret Power Of Tiger Nuts

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: The Secret Power Of Tiger Nuts

At 100 Naira (£0.32/$0.50) a bag, Tiger Nuts or ‘Aya’ are one of the cheapest African Superfoods I have found while rummaging through the Nigerian market. Normally sold by Hausa mallams, they also have the informal name of ‘Northern Groundnut’. In Nigeria, the Hausas call 

Try Out Free Gym Classes At Sweaty Betty

Try Out Free Gym Classes At Sweaty Betty

Having a very active life is something that i believe in. Although i do have those days when i just want to be lazy and curl up in bed doing absolutely nothing, i am for the most part, a very active person. I am a 

The Pink Pill: “Female Viagra” Backed By FDA Panel

The Pink Pill: “Female Viagra” Backed By FDA Panel

By a vote of 18-6, the advisory panel for the Food and Drug Administration has recommended approval of flibanserin, a drug used to treat sexual dysfunction in women, the New York Times reports.

If approved by the FDA, the pink pill will be used to assist premenopausal women who suffer from low sex drive not caused by disease or relationship problems. While the FDA frequently accepts recommendations offered by the panel, they are not required to do so. Women’s organizations behind the Even The Score campaign are in favor of the board’s decision, as they have accused the FDA of gender bias because they approved Viagra but rejected its female counterpart in the past.

As with many drugs, there are several potential side effects including low-blood pressure, fainting, nausea, dizziness, and drowsiness. The panel’s approval of the drug included conditions like labels that inform consumers of the associated risks. Of course, not everyone is in favor of drug being released to the market. The panel’s decision regarding the drug is a huge step, as it was rejected by the panel twice before because they felt that the risks associated with taking the pill outweighed the benefits.

“To approve this drug would set the worst kind of precedent: that companies that spend enough money can force the FDA to approve useless and dangerous drugs,” Dr. Adriane Fugh-Berman of Georgetown University told CBS News.

The FDA will make an official decision regarding flibanserin’s approval by August 18, 2015.