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Emotional health- Women Should Have Standards

We are introducing a new feature to the website under emotional health. This will be in the form of podcasts mostly. The idea is to reach out to as many women/men as possible. It focuses on emotional health, relatonships, culture and women empowerment. Todays podcast focuses on advising African girls/women to

Watch how a poor black woman fought big pharmaceutical companies to reduce the price of Antiretroviral drugs

Vuyiseka Dubula is General Secretary of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), based in South Africa. As a young woman she joined TAC after learning her HIV positive status. Founded in 1998, TAC advocates for increased access to treatment, care and support services for people living with HIV. Since 1998, TAC

Lets Talk About Suicide: Death Of Founder “For Brown Girls” and #DarkSkinRedLip Project

Karyn Washington inspired black women around the world to embrace the beauty of their blackness with the creation of her “For Brown Girls”(FBG) blog and the #DarkSkinRedLip Project. Her legacy is being remembered far too soon. Reports confirm that Karyn Wahington has passed away at the young age of 22

16 days of activism: Stand up against rape and violence

  Every year, Nov 25th – Dec 10th, mark 16 days of activism. The theme this year which has been running for the last three years is From Peace in the home to Peace in the World; Let’s challenge militarism and end violence against women. As a rape survivor, these 16

AIDS testing and treatment fall short in Africa

There have been dramatic progress in the global fight against HIV and AIDS but, massive challenges and misunderstandings still remain, especially in Africa. Globally, the number of AIDS-related deaths has dropped by  29 per cent since 2005. Access to antiretroviral drugs has expanded more than 40-fold worldwide in the past decade,

The Price of Preventing Cervical Cancer

  Cervical cancer vaccines for the developing world will cost $4.50 a dose, says the Gavi Alliance. That is $13.50 per young woman, because each needs three shots. It is a small price to pay for preventing a disease that is a scourge of Africa and Asia – but the bill for immunising whole populations

Diary of a manic-depressive girl: 5 ways to beat mental health blues

    People who suffer from mental illness usually have periods of relapse. This article was written by one of our contributors Sitawa, who had a relapse three weeks ago. The relapse inspired her to write an article on how to overcome the blues caused by mental illness. See below:   1. Asked for