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Mentally Aware Initiative (MANI) Is Changing How Mental Health Is Perceived In Nigeria

Mental health disorders in Nigeria are widespread. The federal neuropsychiatric hospital in Lagos estimates that 21 million Nigerians suffer from mental illnesses excluding about 30 million unreported cases. Still there is significant neglect of mental health in the country, and those who evidently show symptoms are largely stigmatized. African Health

Lets Talk About Suicide: Death Of Founder “For Brown Girls” and #DarkSkinRedLip Project

Karyn Washington inspired black women around the world to embrace the beauty of their blackness with the creation of her “For Brown Girls”(FBG) blog and the #DarkSkinRedLip Project. Her legacy is being remembered far too soon. Reports confirm that Karyn Wahington has passed away at the young age of 22

16 days of activism: Stand up against rape and violence

  Every year, Nov 25th – Dec 10th, mark 16 days of activism. The theme this year which has been running for the last three years is From Peace in the home to Peace in the World; Let’s challenge militarism and end violence against women. As a rape survivor, these 16

Diary of a manic-depressive girl: 5 ways to beat mental health blues

    People who suffer from mental illness usually have periods of relapse. This article was written by one of our contributors Sitawa, who had a relapse three weeks ago. The relapse inspired her to write an article on how to overcome the blues caused by mental illness. See below:   1. Asked for

Coping Inside – a Psychiatric Patient in Nigeria Tells Her Story

Some, mostly young, Nigerians are fighting the stigma of mental illness head-on. They are boldly talking about their conditions. On youth blogs, in online discussion forums and via social media, they're encouraging fellow youth who have endured years of stigmatization to come out and seek help. One of them is