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10 warning signs that may mean you have diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of the disease, and it’s the one that can sneak up on you without causing symptoms that really get your attention. It’s called “the silent killer” for a reason. It’s quite likely that millions are people are living their lives without knowing

Problems of Immunization in Nigeria

Proper immunization is still a problem in Nigeria. Infant mortality rate keeps rising, despite the fact that the system has procedures in place for protecting children against different diseases; which they are definitely prone to. Various studies have shown that factors responsible for the problems faced in immunization include education regarding

Yellow Fever in Nigeria, 4 things you need to know

Lola writes for African Health Magazine: As a light skinned kid, a most common nickname I had was “Yellow Fever”. At the time, it didn’t really bother me because the “Yellow” part was what people in Nigeria equated light skin with. However, when I did learn about this disease, I realized