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6 New Year resolutions in health and fitness

It is a New Year, welcome to 2018 guys. This also means it is time of for New Year resolutions. We all know how hard they are to keep and if you are like most adults, you have probably skipped a resolution half way through because you just couldn’t remain

Emotional health- Women Should Have Standards

We are introducing a new feature to the website under emotional health. This will be in the form of podcasts mostly. The idea is to reach out to as many women/men as possible. It focuses on emotional health, relatonships, culture and women empowerment. Todays podcast focuses on advising African girls/women to

Love and Sickle Cell Anaemia – Video

I decided to start a you tube channel for this website.  The channel will focus on discussing health issues that affect our social well being as Africans. In today's video, i touch on a really sensitive subject of love and sickle cell anaemia. Is your Genotype AS (or SS)? What would

Nigeria- Health implications of the anti-gay bill

Nigerian Law makers have passed a bill that prohibits same sex marriage and gay relationships in the country. Any one suspected of being gay or involved in gay activities could spend 10 years in jail. Basically, it is now a criminal offence to be gay. What are the health implications


I was reading recently in one of the weekly magazines about orgasms and how many women faked it. Now before you start to wonder what this article is about, bear with me. Well, the write-up included surveys of women, and the  different ways and reasons why they felt that they