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Exercising but not losing weight?

Fitness experts always say, “exercise to trounce the extra weight”. Most  of  us  go  by  their  remarks  but  our  efforts  disappoint  our  loyalty. We   exercise  but  still   stay  baffled  as  to  why    we  are  not  weighing  any  less. You actually start wondering why you visit the gym in the first

Coke- Perils of an addiction

I have been a coke addict. Yes, i confess. Mine was particularly bad especially during my undergraduate years. My addiction got so bad that i could tell the difference between coke in a bottle, a can, coke from London, Nigeria or even Thailand. Either that or i have a pretty

Sam: My Running Playlist

A few people have asked for our running playlists. So here goes! Right now I’m enjoying dance, indie and alternative music when I run. Sometimes I have to stop myself from stopping in the middle of the road or on the treadmill and just breaking out into a crazy dance! I

Adun: My Running Playlist

Here's my running playlist at the moment. I will put something up on my yoga playlist. My playlist - for my 10k runs and so I don't get bored. I usually have it on shuffle so the sequences are randomized and therefore I don't get bored! I always like starting with La

Sam: Running Motivation

I’ve always been an active, competitive person, so when it comes to running, the challenge wasn’t really about motivating myself to keep running. The challenge was overcoming my fear of running in the first place! A lot of people share this fear, but til this day I’m not entirely sure

Adun: Motivation

What motivates me to be fit?  Why even bother with fitness? I think it is a very difficult question to answer. My primary motivation is my health. I see exercise as an investment in my long-term health. That is, if I am fit now, then surely it would pave the

Adun: My Fitness Journey

I have not always been into fitness. I remember about 9 years ago telling a friend at the time that I did not need to go to gym or exercise and if I put on weight, well that was the way it was to be! I cringe whenever I remember this,

Sam: My Running Journey

I’ve been running for about two years now, before which I was self-diagnosed with an allergy to running for longer than 3 minutes! Ok, let me be honest, running for longer than 2 minutes frightened me! I’ve always been an active person that enjoyed exercise, but my aversion to running meant