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6 New Year resolutions in health and fitness

It is a New Year, welcome to 2018 guys. This also means it is time of for New Year resolutions. We all know how hard they are to keep and if you are like most adults, you have probably skipped a resolution half way through because you just couldn’t remain

3 Female Nigerian Celebrity Fitness crush

Fitness and healthy lifestyle has taken centre stage amongst young Nigerians. This is a trend we are particularly excited about here at AHM. We have observed quite a few Nigerian celebrities showing off their workout routines/healthy lifestyle choices and 3 women have totally made us fall in love with their

The 5 Surprising & Less-Known Reasons You’re Packing On Extra Weight

It is very clear that obesity is a huge problem Africans face in todays globalized world. Obesity is also a risk factor for other disease like Diabetes and heart disease. While calories and/ or a sedentary lifestyle  contribute immensely to the problem, there are a number of other environmental and lifestyle

Is Shapewear Damaging Your Organs?

Most people rarely think about the health effects of their clothes. Including what they are wearing underneath their clothes. Despite their extreme popularity, experts are warning that shapewear can actually hurt your health. What Damage Can Shapewear Do? It can hurt your stomach. Because shapewear can only work if it’s tight, it can severely compress