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Skin Whitening Injections in Africa

South Africa's Afri-Pop princess, Mshoza Motswako The World Health Organization has reported that Nigerians are the highest users of bleaching products: 77% of Nigerian women use the products on a regular basis. They are followed by Togo with 59%; South Africa with 35%; and Mali at 25%. Conversations have been had on bleaching creams

Rose Water and its Many Benefits

Naturally nourish and stimulate your skin with Rose Water for younger looking skin. Rose water is a wonder product brought to us by nature. It has lots of good skin loving natural treats like Vitamin A and C , it also has antioxidants that help in reviving tired skin by giving it a

Beauty Within Me Seminar London

Beauty Within Me is founded on the growing trend and consumer demand for natural and alternative health & beauty. This event is an opportunity to hear from experts and explore a range of natural products for hair, skin, food, nutrition, exercise and spirituality; everything that contributes to our enhanced wellbeing. BEAUTY

Reasons not to love your love handles

The what? Love handles. A slang term for the mostly cuddly fat surrounding the waist area is actually just a generous amount of subcutaneous fat (SF) that resides under the top layer of skin. The other types of abdominal fat are visceral fat (VF), found deeper within the body surrounding vital

Natural Homemade Skincare Remedies

Facials and Spas are often thought of as complex processes involving multiple creams containing various chemicals and exotic components. However, the best skincare can be found right in your home. Natural home remedies are inexpensive and effective because they do not contain any chemicals and preservatives, but natural ingredients which


Just like blackberry, most naija babes have copped wefts of Indian/Brazilian/Peruvian etc hair. It has become a common fashion accessory to the extent that if you are caught dead spotted in any darling yaki, you will be done for. (Yes, some people do take it seriously). The hair gets as