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Pretty Manicure..Ugly health effects

Nail polish is pretty, but it’s full of chemicals. Formaldehyde, artificial nails and human nail filings are the biggest causes and triggers of occupational asthma in nail salons. Some of the risk-reduction advice is already at play in various salons around the city. Many of them use spring-loaded bottles for


Vitiligo is a common condition which makes the skin, and sometimes the hair, turn white in patches.  This is due to damage of the pigment producing cells of our skin, called Melanocytes. It is estimated that 1% of humanity suffers from this autoimmune condition. Anyone can develop the condition, whatever their skin color or ethnic origin. Vitiligo can begin

Keratin treatment: contains formaldehyde which increases cancer risk

  It sounded like a dream come true! A protein treatment that enhances your texture without permanently altering it, and it is ALL NATURAL. Despite the high price point, I gave in because I was desperate for a reprieve and I needed a solution to a problem that was infringing on my ability

AHM BEAUTY: Essentials for this season

African skin gets really dry this season. Whether you live in the diaspora or in the African continent, you will be facing very dry weather conditions with winter or harmattan. Here at AHM, we put together four beauty products that we have tried and tested and we know work very