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  In Cameroon, “breast ironing” is a custom in which various objects are heated and placed upon the budding breasts of a pre-teen girl in an attempt to halt development and in turn make her less attractive to men. Parents have continued this tradition usually performed by other family members or community healers for years, fearing

Do You Make These 5 Common Tampon Mistakes?

  These days, more women prefer tampons to pads since they’re less visible underneath their clothing, but the drawback is that you must be twice as careful while wearing them. Along with the convenience comes additional responsibilities, Don’t become complacent when it comes to your tampon use. Not taking the proper precautions

ENDOMETRIOSIS is not the same as Fibroids is a common condition that results when the lining of the womb does not fully leave the body during a menstrual cycle. Instead it embeds itself on surrounding organs causing severe lower abdominal pain.     Causes  Generally unknown but there are speculations that it can be ; Genetic Problems with the immune system Retrograde menstruation Do I have any