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ENDOMETRIOSIS is not the same as Fibroids is a common condition that results when the lining of the womb does not fully leave the body during a menstrual cycle. Instead it embeds itself on surrounding organs causing severe lower abdominal pain.     Causes  Generally unknown but there are speculations that it can be ; Genetic Problems with the immune system Retrograde menstruation Do I have any

Coming Soon: Remote-Controlled Birth Control

Instead of taking a pill a day, what if you could take one pill that lasted 16 years? That’s the premise for a new project funded by the Gates Foundation, which looks at innovative ways to deliver drugs into the body. A single smart capsule could release drugs into a

Preventing Mother To Child HIV Transmission

In a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), of children under 13 living with AIDS who were infected by their mothers, 66% were of African descent. This sobering 2005 statistic illustrates a huge problem in the African community with regard to pregnant HIV-positive women accessing