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Over 80 kg? The morning after pill may not work for you

There have been reports that more and more African women use an emergency contraceptive pill for the prevention of unwanted pregnancy. One of such contraceptives is the progesterone only pill, Norlevo, which is produced by an European pharmaceutical company called Mother Jones.  Norvelo which is found in african countries like

Do you want to increase your fertility? Then eat these …

by Funmilola Osinowo   Fall is one of my favorite times of year when it comes to foods. So many of these delicious, warming foods can have a profound effect on helping to increase your fertility. 1. Cranberries Cranberries are powerful antioxidants that help to cleanse your urinary tract, including your kidneys. Strong, healthy kidneys are

Help i’m a Mum!!: Part 2

Being a mum can be a very lonely business. Your once active social/work life becomes reduced to days and nights of just you and your bundle of joy. This can leave you feeling very isolated and frustrated. You and your friends no longer share this principle common interest that has