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Malawi: Child Labour and HIV/Aids Affecting Fishing Industry in Malawi

Mangochi — The Ministry of Agriculture through the Department of Fisheries has acknowledged that child labour and HIV/Aids are affecting the fishing industry since most of the fishermen are dying of HIV/Aids pandemic. Speaking with Malawi News Agency (Mana) assistant district fisheries officer in Mangochi, Francis Phiri, said most of the

Preventing Mother To Child HIV Transmission

In a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), of children under 13 living with AIDS who were infected by their mothers, 66% were of African descent. This sobering 2005 statistic illustrates a huge problem in the African community with regard to pregnant HIV-positive women accessing


Dr Ekitumi Robert Ofagbor, MBBS. INTRODUCTION AIDS is a disease caused by the retrovirus human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and characterized by profound immunosuppression that leads to opportunistic infections, secondary neoplasms, and neurologic manifestations. The magnitude of the modern plague is truly staggering. By the end of 2006, more than a million cases

AIDS testing and treatment fall short in Africa

There have been dramatic progress in the global fight against HIV and AIDS but, massive challenges and misunderstandings still remain, especially in Africa. Globally, the number of AIDS-related deaths has dropped by  29 per cent since 2005. Access to antiretroviral drugs has expanded more than 40-fold worldwide in the past decade,

HIV and the Kingdom of Swaziland

The Kingdom of Swaziland is a landlocked country that has an estimated population size of 1,018,449 people according to the 2007 population census. There are 537, 021 females and 481,428 males, with 52% of the population under the age of 20 years old. There are 79% of the population that

Nigeria- Health implications of the anti-gay bill

Nigerian Law makers have passed a bill that prohibits same sex marriage and gay relationships in the country. Any one suspected of being gay or involved in gay activities could spend 10 years in jail. Basically, it is now a criminal offence to be gay. What are the health implications

Zimbabwe: HIV Wreaks Havoc in Prisons

THE HIV prevalence rate in Zimbabwe prisons stands at 27%, a figure almost double the national prevalence rate and women prisoners are the worst affected by HIV. The Zimbabwe Prisons Services is on record saying that they would not allow HIV and Aids preventative measures such as condoms, claiming this was tantamount

Zambia: Dying On a Prayer – Preachers Tell Citizens to Stop Taking ARVs

A trend is emerging in southern Zambia of preachers claiming to be able to cure HIV/AIDS and telling followers to stop taking medication to prove their faith. Over the past few years, Zambia, which has one of the heaviest HIV/AIDS burdens in world, has managed to reduce its HIV/AIDS rate and