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Remembering Mandela!

At AHM, we are celebrating World Mandela Day. This infographic provides information about the most celebrated African in history. Mandela not only fought against social injustice, but also contributed to creating awareness for diseases such as HIV/AIDS which still plagues Africans to date. Today, we celebrate Mandela. Source:


  The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union)  presented awards for scientific achievement and public health excellence to an eminent South African researcher and an innovative multidrug-resistant TB project launched in Siberia . Dr Kogieleum Naidoo received the annual Union Scientific prize for her published research on TB-HIV,

Combining different surveillance systems to assess the health problems in a community

Combining different surveillance systems to assess the health problems in a community Khalid Al Aboud ,Zaher Al Asmary,  Waleed Jameel, Hamdan Al Osaimy , Yasser Al Zahrani, Awatef Al Sobiani, Samiah Abdul Salam. Public Health Department, King Faisal Hospital;Makah, Saudi Arabia. Address for correspondence Dr. Khalid Al Aboud, MD, P.O Box 5440 Makah 21955 Saudi Arabia E-mail:   It

AIDS testing and treatment fall short in Africa

There have been dramatic progress in the global fight against HIV and AIDS but, massive challenges and misunderstandings still remain, especially in Africa. Globally, the number of AIDS-related deaths has dropped by  29 per cent since 2005. Access to antiretroviral drugs has expanded more than 40-fold worldwide in the past decade,

In Nigeria, We Die Cheap

In Nigeria we die cheap. We die so easily that death itself must feel overworked or perhaps bored because we have made things too easy for it. Beyond being inevitable, death is now a culture…a way of life, a symbol of our helplessness as a people and perhaps a

1, 2 Step to looking like Ciara

"When you treat your body well, it will treat you well. Treat it badly, and you'll feel what happens," says the R&B songstress, Ciara. Whether she's dancing in videos like her hit single "Goodies" or stepping out in a cropped top, Ciara is abs-olutely in shape and it shows. Her secret?

Whats New : Fighting Aids

HIV is no longer the death sentence it once was. Today’s challenges lie in studying the molecular mechanisms of HIV/AIDS and in making interventions practical — even where money is tight.

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