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5 smoothies for healthy weight loss

Smoothies can be part of your strategy for lasting and healthy weight loss. Nutritionists agree that incorporating smoothies into your daily diet plan can help keep hunger levels in check and fill you with muscle building protein.   Detox Smoothie   Gulping a detox smoothie is an easy way of ridding your body

Want to prevent high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cancer? EXERCISE!

  After the previous article on weightloss here. I decided to share with you quick and easy ways to know if you are making progress in the weight loss department. One way  to  know is by estimating the percentage of fat on your body by using the pinch test. This is done

Exercising but not losing weight?

Fitness experts always say, “exercise to trounce the extra weight”. Most  of  us  go  by  their  remarks  but  our  efforts  disappoint  our  loyalty. We   exercise  but  still   stay  baffled  as  to  why    we  are  not  weighing  any  less. You actually start wondering why you visit the gym in the first