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Oxford University scientists gave babies trial TB vaccine ‘that did not work on monkeys’

Oxford University is embroiled in an ethics row after scientists were accused of questionable conduct over a controversial trial of a new vaccine on African babies. Professor Peter Beverley, a former senior academic at the university, complained that scientists planned to test a new tuberculosis vaccine on more than a thousand infants without

Watch how as little as 50 cents could end all 7 of these Neglected Tropical Diseases

About Neglected Tropical Diseases What are neglected tropical diseases (NTDs)? NTDs are devastating, chronic diseases that keep people from living to their fullest potential. NTDs affect the world's poorest, most marginalised populations, primarily in tropical climates. What are the effects of NTDs NTDs blind, disable, disfigure and stigmatise. Without treatment NTDs keep people and communities trapped in a

GSK malaria vaccine shows long-lasting protection

Malaria is an infectious disease spread by mosquitoes that threatens up to half the world's population. Most of its victims are children under five in poor countries in sub-Saharan Africa.The World Health Organisation's latest malaria report found progress against the disease has been made over the past decade, with deaths

Launch of meningococcal A conjugate vaccine in Burkina Faso

The first meningococcal A conjugate vaccine, introduced nationwide in Burkina Faso on 6 December 2010, is expected to eliminate the primary cause of epidemic meningitis in Africa, if introduced in all 25 countries of what has become known as the "meningitis belt". Designed specifically to protect against group A meningococcus, which

A new vaccine for Africa

A new vaccine against meningococcal A meningitis - MenAfriVac was launched in Ougadougou on the 6th of December, 2010