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Harmful effects of secondhand smoke

You know when you’re seated next to someone consuming a cigarette, and you’re unconsciously inhaling the smoke that comes from it? That’s secondhand smoke.  Also known as passive smoke, it is the inhalation of smoke by a third party within that environment. Nonsmokers that inhale secondhand smoke expose themselves to the

E-cigarettes affect cells

  Electronic cigarettes can change gene expression in a similar way to tobacco, according to one of the first studies to investigate the biological effects of the devices. Presented at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting on 6 April in San Diego, California, the research looked at human bronchial cells that

First National Tobacco Control Mass Media Campaign Launches in The Gambia

  Today marks the launch of the first-ever national mass media campaign to warn people of the Gambia about tobacco’s harms. Developed by the Non Communicable Disease Control Programme, Ministry of Health & Social Welfare and World Lung Foundation, the campaign graphically depicts tobacco’s impact on smokers and non-smokers exposed to tobacco smoke. The campaign, which