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How Male Infertility and Stress are linked

Male Infertility forms 40% of the total infertility. The reasons are many, from low sperm count, immotile sperm to abnormal shaped sperm. For long infertility experts were advising to stop smoking, restrict alcohol intake, cut flab which were generic for the couple. Now there seems growing evidence that stress stands

5 Foods That Increase Sperm Count

Deciding to have a child is a major part of a couple’s life path together, but when issues arise during the conception period, the fertility rate of both partners is often explored. When it comes to men, research has shown that 90% of male infertility issues stem from not being

Guys, walnuts are good for your nuts

Reproduction is a very important concept in many African cultures. With the stress of modern times which could potentially affect a man’s fertility, eating healthy foods that boost sperm count is not such a bad idea. One of such foods is Walnut.  According to a report published in the journal