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9 Vitamins Every Woman Should Take

Although the nutritional needs of every person is the same in general, there are some important difference between what women and men need most. Reproductive health plays a key role in determining which vitamins and minerals are most important for women, which are, in this case, very different than those

Want to prevent high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cancer? EXERCISE!

  After the previous article on weightloss here. I decided to share with you quick and easy ways to know if you are making progress in the weight loss department. One way  to  know is by estimating the percentage of fat on your body by using the pinch test. This is done

How to Prevent Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is currently the leading cause of male specific cancer deaths in men. It's the 3rd highest cancer cause death of men after Lung and Colorectal cancers. It's the commonest cancer in black men accounting for 40% of cancer deaths according to 2011-2012 Cancer facts and figures for African

Drug regime could halt spread of HIV

Scientists have made a breakthrough which could slow the Aids epidemic after finding that giving antiretroviral drugs to people with HIV prevents them infecting their partners. The implications of the research, carried out in 13 countries, caused excitement among Aids campaigners and doctors. Theoretically, if every person infected with HIV was