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Health Benefits Of Agbalumo

African cherry/ African star apple (Agbalumo in Yoruba, Udara in Igbo and Agwaluma in Hausa) is a popular seasonal fruit consumed in Nigeria with its flesh. Grown in tropical Africa, the fruit has many health benefits. Weight management Agbalumo is a low calorie fruit with about 67 calories. It is great for weight

Simple steps to combat bad breath

You’ve always been particular about brushing your teeth before eating and you make sure to do just that every morning. You are on the right path, but your breath disagrees. You really have been doing it right; just not right enough. To keep a clean, clear fresh breath always –

Daily Foods for a clean Stomach

Sedentary lifestyle and erratic eating habits affect our health in many ways and one of the most common consequences is GUT TROUBLE. The ease with which your stomach gets cleaned depends entirely on what you eat. And with a careful selection of foods and drinks, you can beat those bad-bowel-days. Wondering

Health Benefits of Okro/Okra

The superior fiber found in okra helps to stabilize the blood sugar by curbing the rate at which sugar is absorbed from the intestinal tract. Okra's mucilage binds cholesterol and bile acid carrying toxins dumped into it by the filtering liver. Okra helps lubricate the large intestines due to its bulk

We should be food advocates

by Natasha Ellah What do I mean by this? Simply someone who is passionate about their food and cares about where their food comes from. Constantly we are bombarded by food choices. Healthy or not? Fried or roasted? Grilled or boiled? From a packet or freshly made? But do we ask

Ghana: takeover of the food system by giant biotech companies

It’s another victory for Monsanto, the giant corporation responsible for a large amount of genetically modified foods available on the market today. In Ghana, the national parliament has given its full support to the Plant Breeders Bill. Under this proposed legislation, farmers would be restricted from practicing ancient farming methods,

GMO Myths and Truths

Some of our leaders think it is a good idea for Nigeria to start growing GM foods both for human consumption and potentially for exportation. They have reported that GM will increase yield thereby solving hunger problems in the country, will solve malnutrition by introducing bio-fortified foods e.g. Vitamin A

The GMO debate – Dr Akinwumi Adesina Vs Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour

The Minister of Agriculture, Dr Akinwumi Adesina responded to the article  written by Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour about Genetically modified foods. The article was posted on our website  here. The Minister replied via the comment section of this article and also on the Ministry of Agriculture Website in the news section -