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Vitiligo is a common condition which makes the skin, and sometimes the hair, turn white in patches.  This is due to damage of the pigment producing cells of our skin, called Melanocytes. It is estimated that 1% of humanity suffers from this autoimmune condition. Anyone can develop the condition, whatever their skin color or ethnic origin. Vitiligo can begin

Face Mapping: What Is Your Skin Telling You?

Whether you face is clear or full of pimples, it’s nice to know that your skin has its own way of communicating with you.  The Chinese practice of face mapping or ‘Mien Shiang’ is a way of reading the face and it’s taking over the Western dermatology world. Practitioners of

Proven Tips for Healthy & Younger Skin

In these modern times, so many factors contribute to causing skin dullness. From air pollution to highly demanding jobs, we often find our skin gets tired and is in need of rejuvenation. Here are five easy ways you can maintain your skin and keep the glow throughout the years. #1 Reducing Stress