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5 quick anti aging tips: Video

By now we must all know that anti-aging creams do not work. In this quick video, i share 5 anti-aging tips to help you look younger for longer. The idea is to focus more on what goes into your body and what occurs in your immediate environment than what you put

Video: Hair relaxers have been linked to fibroids

Damage to Scalp from the use of Relaxer

Scientists have linked the use of hair relaxers to the occurrence of uterine fibroids. I wrote about it here. This video sheds light on the study. The aim is to empower African/African American/women of African descent with the right information that will enable them make better health decisions. Feel free

10 Steps To Feeling More Beautiful

  How to be more beautiful…it’s something we all wonder about at some point or other. But most of us eventually learn that expensive clothes and designer shoes are not the key to inner beauty. The fact is, they’re not even essential for looking beautiful. You’ve heard it all of your life, right?

15 Most Hydrating Foods

  Give Your Body The Water It Craves! Water is essential for everything from having clear skin to making sure all of your organs function properly. Experts estimate you should drink at least half your body weight in water daily. It’s especially important to hydrate properly during the summer. All of these foods have

Proven Tips for Healthy & Younger Skin

In these modern times, so many factors contribute to causing skin dullness. From air pollution to highly demanding jobs, we often find our skin gets tired and is in need of rejuvenation. Here are five easy ways you can maintain your skin and keep the glow throughout the years. #1 Reducing Stress

Beauty Tips to Get Beautiful Skin This Season and Beyond

After enjoying too many days at the beach, summertime cocktails, late nights, or just those lazy days of summer, it's time to turn our attention to our skin and bodies and give them the TLC they deserve. To promote inner harmony and clear skin, autumn is traditionally a time to adjust

Beauty Within Me Seminar London

Beauty Within Me is founded on the growing trend and consumer demand for natural and alternative health & beauty. This event is an opportunity to hear from experts and explore a range of natural products for hair, skin, food, nutrition, exercise and spirituality; everything that contributes to our enhanced wellbeing. BEAUTY