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We should be food advocates

by Natasha Ellah What do I mean by this? Simply someone who is passionate about their food and cares about where their food comes from. Constantly we are bombarded by food choices. Healthy or not? Fried or roasted? Grilled or boiled? From a packet or freshly made? But do we ask

Ghana: takeover of the food system by giant biotech companies

It’s another victory for Monsanto, the giant corporation responsible for a large amount of genetically modified foods available on the market today. In Ghana, the national parliament has given its full support to the Plant Breeders Bill. Under this proposed legislation, farmers would be restricted from practicing ancient farming methods,

NABDA, THE MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE & THE SENATE – Unwitting pawns in the Defrauding of Nigeria by MONSANTO

By Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour Let’s start from the end. The Bio-safety Bill is a ruse, a scam, a charade, a veil under which Monsanto and similar foreign Bio-tech companies can achieve a strong foothold in Nigeria, while legitimizing illegal experiments (BtCowpea) that has already started happening in Nigeria. There will be no improved

Study: Monsanto’s Glyphosate Doubles Risk Of Lymphoma

  Scientists at the International Agency for Research on Cancer have found what appears to be a strong link between pesticide exposure and a blood cancer called non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Analyzing 44 individual research projects published since 1980, the scientists, writing in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, said that

Western investors buying up swaths of African farmland

 Pension fund managers and hedge funds gather in London on Tuesday for a summit to discuss the next big investment opportunity: buying up swaths of African farmland. The Agriculture Investment Summit promises guidance through the "complexities of investing in agriculture as an asset class" to benefit from "one of the greatest