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AHM Aims to be your trusted, daily resource for healthier, happier living. If you have any thoughts, questions or concerns, we’d love to hear from you!



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19 thoughts on “Contact

    1. hello Patrick,
      for now we are only online. we will be printing in the near future so do register so we can keep in touch with you. thank you

  1. i’ll like to subscribe too. does your magazine come in prints? and how much does it cost to get them monthly? the information here is very helpful and i will like to have them in print. thank you and keep up the good work

    1. hello Shola,
      For now we are an online magazine. we will be printing very soon so please register and drop us your contact details. we do send out newsletters so we will be updating you when we do start printing. Thank you

  2. In 1984 I entered a competition,conducted by Travenol and Africa Health Magazine in London.
    My paper was Judged to be the winning paper in Parental therapy.I won 100 pounds Medical Book.
    Then I was in Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital Zaria, Nigeria.
    I will love to subscribe to the Magazine,as well as,try and see if you can be able to trace my paper that was submited.
    Dr.Anthony Chukuma.

    1. Hello Dr Chukwuma,

      Im afraid this magazine only stared in 2008. perhaps you speak of another? in terms of subscription please do register with us and we will be happy to keep you informed once we star printing. Thank you

  3. Dear Africa Health Magazine.
    My name is Samuel Maina, I’m a freel3ence science journalist based in Nairobi Kenya and I enjoy reading your magazine.
    Do you accept articles from freelancers?. I would like to be contributing regulary to this exciting portal starting with some news on an ehealth confrence held here in Kenya recently.
    Thanksfor the good work.

    1. Hello Samuel,
      Do send us a copy of your work and we will be in touch shortly. Thanks for your interest in African health

      Kind regards

  4. Good day African health magazine, please I have a novel article on HIV/AIDS and would need it published especially to get researchers to work on it and advance the present search for cure of this scourge. Please how possible is it that my article would be favourably considered and Published? Thank you………

  5. Dear editors I hope you will accept my request . I want to be a reader of your magazine and i have a big interest by your magazine . Please send me your magazine by my post addres . I hope you will send me soon your magazine and i am waiting your magazine very soon. Thank you. My addres is, ABEBE AYALEW, POBOX, 1109 DESSIE, WOLLO, ETHIOPIA.,

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