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African Health Magazine is the all-important online resource that redefines the health of the average African. We Aim to be your trusted daily resource for healthier living and general wellness. We  aim to educate Africans about  health issues that may affect  them, through awareness/advocacy. We also aim to raise awareness of on-going health issues around the African continent. Our hope is to increase the Average life expectancy and in some ways, contribute to achieving the Millennium development goal.  All in all, our ultimate goal is to achieve a healthier Africa, so join us in making this a reality. Good health they say is true wealth, not pieces of gold and silver.

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  1. I just want to say ” I am also on a mission to inform our young blacks about, health ,hygiene and dressing appropriate for any occasion” we need to inform the young about basic manners & equiette, amen !
    Ms LVB

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