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6 unhealthy ways cellphone usage is affecting you

Almost everyone has a cellphone in this day and age. Whether it’s an android, iPhone or one that isn’t a smart phone, it provides a modern convenience that is responsible for everybody’s increased daily use.

In 2017, the Guardian UK estimated that 67% of the African population own cellphones. Cellphone reliance is decent, but it isn’t particularly the healthiest habit. We compiled a list of side effects of cellphone usage.

Stress level

Cell phone usage has a direct impact on stress levels. The frequent reminders, ringing, alerts can put a user on edge and disrupt one’s sleep pattern.


Spending too much time staring at the phone screen can risk dry eyes; create headaches, general eyestrain and blurred vision.


Cellphones emit some form of electromagnetic radiation that the body absorbs. Some researchers have linked exposure to these emissions to cancer.

 More germs

Incessant touching of the cellphone harbors germs on the handset. The random residues found on the phone after a day’s use are likely to contain disease prone germs.

Back pain

The random tilting down to look at the phone screen and bending the neck and shoulders to get the right angle can take a toll on the neck and back. Creating pain around those areas and possible migraines.


Cellphones are a huge distraction for drivers and walkers alike. Drivers are prone to car accidents due to driving and pressing their phones, which is a distraction from the road. Walkers are also exposed to accidents like running into walls and things and slipping because their attention is on the mobile devil and not the road.

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