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How to stay healthy in the coming rainy season

The rainy season provides a somewhat ‘greeny’ environment. In Nigeria, rains start in the southern (coastal) areas in late February to early March. The fall is usually the most in June and October. The Northern part of the country gets its rain mostly by early summer, lasting through September.

As interesting as this season is, it comes with a lot of health problems and a host of infections. They are mostly food and water borne diseases and respiratory infections. Like; cough, common cold, cholera, food poisoning etc.

People fall ill faster during the rainy season [especially children] because of the temperature fluctuation. It is therefore important to maintain a healthy diet and the appropriate hygiene to avoid falling sick.

We compiled a few tips to keep you healthy these coming months.

Watch your food intake

The body is more susceptible to infections this season so it is necessary to avoid eating just anything. Street food is particularly not great for the rainy period, prepare your own food with great care. Eat healthy nutritious meals as well.


Not getting sleep makes one prone to diseases. If you feel tired or stressed, you are more likely to become sick compared to when you’re feeling relaxed.

Stay hydrated

Reducing the intake of water this season is normal because of the drop in the temperature of the environment. Nonetheless, it is important to drink a lot of water as it helps to drain toxins from the body.

One thing to note is that the rainy period comes with a lot of waterborne diseases so one has to be careful with the type of water being consumed.

Personal hygiene is key

Cleanliness is very important during the rainy season as microorganisms grow easily here. Wash your hands as often as you can as germs can be transmitted through physical contact and enter the body through the eyes, nose and mouth

Keep your rain gear close

If you must go into the rain it is necessary to have you rain gear close. Avoid exposing yourself to the cold, shivering depresses the immune system and makes the body more prone to common cold. Sweaters, hoodies, umbrellas and rain boots should all be in close range.

Shower after being caught in the rain

Walking in the rain means you are prone to fungal infections at the feet and nails. When you get drenched in rain, take a warm shower right after. It helps to stabilize the cold temperature. Although it sounds weird because when you get wet you usually don’t want a shower. But it protects from many infections.

Vitamin C is your friend

Increasing the intake of meals rich in vitamin C will help drive away the virus that causes cold faster. A good does of the vitamin activates antibodies and undoubtedly reduce the severity of the common cold /flu.

 Mosquito nets / repellant

Accumulated or dirty water breeds flies and mosquitoes.  To avoid diseases like malaria and cholera transmitted through these insects it is important to empty out still water sources. Mosquito nets, repellants and insecticides are also advisable.

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