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6 things to know before going on any diet

Having a good, actionable diet is possible. While it’s quite difficult to keep up with the different dietary formats flying around, you want to follow an actionable plan to stay in the healthiest way possible. There have been reports of people who suffered sometimes fatal consequences due to going on a diet.

Here are six things to know before going on a diet:

Calorie Count

Determine different ways of cutting out unnecessary or empty calories by passing out on snacks that you would usually eat just for the sake of it. Replacing sweetened drinks for a low-calorie alternative is an amazing way to reduce calories. It feels good too. The average daily calorie requirement is 2,500 and 2,000 kcals for men and women respectively.

Balanced Diet

Ensure your intended diet is of the right balance. Avoid diets that encourage cutting out or severely restricting entire food groups as they are quite difficult to maintain. Make sure your diet is filled with varieties from different food groups – having a diet that promotes eating mainly one type of food could be very risky for your health and can lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Determine when best to eat carbs, protein and fat, what your portion size should be and what your guideline daily amounts of food intakes are. Choose wisely and you can count on eating healthy without hassles or adverse effects to your fitness plan.


Is it sustainable? Is it actionable? Do you see yourself sticking by it for the long run? Diets can also be planned with SMART in mind. Find out if the nutrients you’d need are readily available and won’t hinder your journey.

Make a forecast: are bananas more accessible than oranges? How about you set your diet in such a way that it fits different foods for different seasons? Have your diet fit your long-term commitments and daily schedule. Relapsing could cause you to revert back to former eating habits and you wouldn’t want that.

Goal Achievement

Work out your current BMI to determine what target weight is healthy for you. You don’t want to rush into a target weight that adversely affects your body. Try not to go for diets that promise a dramatic weight loss; there’s a process to losing weight – trust the process and keep things steady.

As a general guide, between 0.5lb and 2lbs a week is considered a safe amount of weight loss per week. Ensure you aim for a suitable goal weight, you don’t want to risk losing too much and becoming underweight.


Something about square pegs and round holes also fits in with planning your diet. After conducting an extensive research and you have been able to come up with an actionable diet, see your dietician to determine its safety. You could also work with them to draw up your schedule from scratch if that will be easier.

Are you planning a diet? How far have you gone? Let’s talk in the comments.

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