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Water, 4 other healthy beverages you should drink regularly

Water is always a fantastic healthy option. But if you would like to spice things up, rather than resort to fizzy and unhealthy drinks, there are other healthy alternatives that you can try, while keeping yourself on the healthy track.

The key to incorporating healthy beverages into your day is to consume a few different healthy drinks in moderation while still drinking a few glasses of water every day.

See a few of these alternatives below:

Green Tea

It contains compounds called flavonoids that could prevent diseases once you consume it. According to the Linus Pauling Institute, drinking three cups of tea a day can reduce the risk of heart attack. Consuming green tea may also allow you protection against cancer, help you lose weight, prevent osteoporosis and dental caries.

A cup of green tea could suffice as an alternative for a cup of coffee, as it contains just enough caffeine that gives you an energy boost just enough for you to have a good sleep later.

Lemon Juice

Lemonade definitely tastes better, but so does lemon juice – at least when it’s cleansing the liver, stimulating bile production and aiding digestion. Guess what? It even offers vitamin C, which helps to boost your immune system. Scared you’d have to drink it on its own? Not to worry – simply squeeze half a lemon into a cool glass of water in the morning to give your day the right start. The best news is that it involves a mix with water, so you’re still doing great on the healthy train!

Hot Chocolate

Except you aren’t adding sugar or cream to it, hot chocolate is definitely good news and a healthy choice for you, so if you’re a chocolate lover – by all means, carry on! It contains about twice the amount of antioxidants in red wine and two to three times more than green tea. As long as you limit yourself to one cup a day, you’re good. Because of its high magnesium content, hot chocolate could also serve as one of the best natural ways to ease the pain from menstrual cramps. For that high magnesium intake, try making your own with raw cocoa powder and if you want, it can be sweetened up with almond milk, honey or maple syrup.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is naturally a soothing option. It is an excellent remedy for stomach upset, motion sickness, nausea and ease of digestion. Brewing your own ginger tea is pretty easy: steep one or two thin slices of fresh gingerroot in a cup of hot water. Add in a little honey if the resulting brew turns out to be on the spicy side.

What other healthy alternatives do you know about? Do you have a regimen? Share with us!

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