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Public transportation health tips you must know

It’s 6:00am and your 9-5 awaits the usual routine from home to work. Every morning, you feel clean but only just inside the safety of your house. Once you step outside, you know the world of germs is out to get you. You get to your favorite bus stop, to wait for one of the yellow “danfo” buses, hoping to avoid going late.

Your bus finds you and while you’re heaving a sigh of relief; the stench hits you. First, it smells like tomatoes. Then it smells like mangoes, then onions, you are sat in the midst of three market women who had just gone for some shopping in Mile 12. What to do? Here are some tips to surviving the journey:

Do not lean on poles

Avoid leaning on poles. Sometimes, you have waited for so long – maybe after a tiring day – and decide to stand in a bus. Poles are the most susceptible to germs in public transportation. All sorts of people will have touched the same pole at different times and most owners don’t bother to clean their machines before heading out again the next day. I


Feel like sneezing? Cover your nose and mouth. It’s bad enough that some people cough and sneeze without any regard for others. Try not to be a part of the problem. When you get home, take a shower.

Use a hand sanitizer

Everywhere. For everything. There are people that will stare at you weirdly and wonder why you’re still using a hand sanitizer even after Nigeria had been declared Ebola – free. Show them that hand sanitizers are for protecting yourself from any type of germs by offering them some too. Hand sanitizers will save you so much dirt even if it offers 99% protection. Get one for yourself and take it everywhere you go.

Wash your hands after each trip

Your hands travel to every part of your body, so they’re easily the “germ distributors”. Ensure that they are kept clean as much as possible and because you really can’t see germs, make it a habit to wash your hands everytime you’re home from moving about all day. You might have mistakenly touched a dirty seat unconsciously and used the same hands to wipe your bare arms. Precautions are a necessity and cleanliness is next to godliness (Has a nice ring to it, right?).

What other health tips would you like to share concerning public transports? Let’s talk in the comments.

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