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7 things you should do if you have Halitosis (Bad breath)

Halitosis which is commonly called bad breath is characterized by constant bad odour of the mouth, even after routine brushing. It is a major source of discomfort both for the person affected and those around her/him.

Causes of bad breath include eating very hot food regularly, constant usage of tobacco products, poor dental hygiene, related health problems, dry mouth, oral infections, dental problems, or use of certain medications.

Spicy food, acidic beverages and low carbohydrate diets can lead to bad breath. According to medicinenet: “These diets cause the body to burn fat as its energy source. The end-product of making this energy is ketones, which cause a fruity acetone-like odor on the breath when exhaled. This fruity odor in a diabetic might indicate uncontrolled blood sugars.”

Also, it is important to note that a poor dental hygiene is not the only factor as many believe, while you need to brush and floss regularly, if you suffer from any of the following it can lead to bad breath.

Sinus infections, pneumonia, sore throat (pharyngitis) and other throat infections, the common cold, influenza (flu), tonsil stones (tonsilloliths), thrush, bronchitis, postnasal drip, diabetes, acid reflux (gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD), lactose intolerance, other stomach or digestion problems, and some liver diseases or kidney diseases may be associated with bad breath.

What to do about halitosis? First you have to visit a dentist to determine the cause. If there is an underlying cause, steps should be taken to begin treatment. You should also dob the following:

1. Brush and floss teeth regularly. Remember to brush the tongue, too, to remove bacteria from its surface. Brushing the tongue can help with bad breath caused by foods a person has eaten.

2. See a dentist regularly for checkups especially if you are wearing braces or dentures.

3. Quit smoking or using chewing tobacco.

4. Keep your mouth moist by drinking water and chewing sugarless gum or sugar-free hard candy to produce saliva.

5, Eat foods that need to be thoroughly chewed to keep saliva flowing. Foods that require a lot of chewing, such as apples or carrots, are good options.

6. Mouthwash can help kill bad breath-causing bacteria and may temporarily mask bad breath odors.

7. Natural remedies used in the treatment of bad breath include chewing on mint or parsley.

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