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6 tips to having and maintaining healthy hair

There’s no magic formula for healthy hair. Most of what it requires to be healthy is a commitment to certain practices and treatments. We have combined a list of do’s and don’ts for you to have and maintain good hair.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

What you consume and how you treat your body has an effect on your hair. It is important to eat food with the required amount of nutrients for hair maintenance. Exercising regularly and drinking lots of water are also promoters of healthy hair.

A deficiency of certain vitamins and unhealthy diets can cause hair to be dry and brittle. Eating balanced protein, fiber and fatty meals help the hair. Salmon, nuts, green vegetables and olives, for instance give the body the boost to keep the hair and nails healthy.

Use moisturizing products 

Hair is quick to lose moisture as it dries out fast. It is therefore important that it gets enough moisture to prevent damage. Instead of applying conditioning alone, applying moisturizing oils/cream after wash should be part of the hair routine.  Shea butter, coconut and castor oil are great for combating dry hair.

Let the hair breathe

There’s no need to comb or style your hair multiple times everyday. The less pulling and touching of the hair daily, the better.

Cutting down on the number of times you get your hair washed is also vital. There’s no need to wash the hair everyday. Excess shampooing can actually rob the hair of its natural moisture.

Protect the hair

As nice as it is to let your hair out or fix weaves and braids a lot of the time. It is necessary to incorporate natural protective hairstyles to your hair maintenance plan. Protective styles keep the hair ends and avoid them rubbing against clothing.

Part of the protecting the hair is trading your old pillowcase for a silk or satin one. Or a non absorbing fabric. Rougher fabrics tend to damage hair through friction while we sleep.

Go easy on the heat

Heat is the last thing hair needs, especially African hair. It mostly causes frizzy – damaged hair. If you must blow dry or straighten your hair, make sure it’s once in a while & the heat is at the minimum.

Get enough sleep 

While we rest, our body heals tissues – so, it is important that we rest enough. Those that suffer from lack of sleep often experience hair loss because the follicles of the hair become weaker.

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