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5 key facts you did not know about dieting

Dieting involves restricting oneself to specific meal intakes primarily for specific purposes, either to lose or gain weight. We compiled a list of 5 things you probably did not know about going on a diet:

 Skipping certain meals can be problematic

Diets do not produce weight loss alone and skipping certain food sources and meals can be detrimental for general health. With skipping calories for instance, it decreases the level the body burns energy and also cuts out the best sources of fiber in the body. With meat, the body is liable to low storage of iron, energy from meals will also deplete faster due to low intake of protein.

Alcohol affects dieting

It’s true that alcohol barely contains calories but its intake has a substantial effect on the process of dieting. It can interrupt fat metabolism- making it more difficult to lose weight.

You have to exercise too

Weight loss involves a healthy diet and the appropriate exercise. It is important for the body to burn already stored calories in the body to help with loss of weight. The excess carbs and proteins in the body are converted to fat and uric acid. Burning out the extra energy requires not just a diet but exercise to accompany it.

More sleep hours are required

Getting less than the required hours of sleep per night actually cramps up the hunger hormone, decreasing satiety hormone (leptin). Sleep deprivation interferes with the body’s control of impulse and makes it difficult to stick to healthy food choices the following day.

Meal consumption time

 You’ve probably heard suggest that eating at night makes you fat. Well, it makes no difference whether or not you eat (especially calories) at night or in the afternoon. What is actually relevant is the number of calories consumed throughout the day.

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