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Are you Obese or Overweight? How to know

It’s Obesity Awareness Day and we thought to share a few things about it and just spread the word, to clear out any types of misconceptions. Obesity is the result of taking in more calories that you can burn, which leads to excess calories that your body can handle. It is usually confused with being overweight, but they are totally different. While obesity is the state of being extremely fat, being overweight is the result of having too much weight.

According to 2015 surveys and estimation, about 64% of adult women are over-weight and one-third of these overweight women are obese. This simply shows that more than half of the women in the estimate are unhealthy and prone to some fatal diseases and health disorders.

How to know: Obesity or Overweight?

Simply check out your Body Mass Index (BMI). This measures your body fat based on your height and overall weight. When the BMI is calculated in between 25 and 29.9, it is considered overweight and if it exceeds 30, it’s considered obese.

As far as your health goes, being obese can be a source of worry. What is worrisome is the various health issues that come with it. One stands a huge health risk as, obesity is likely to cause diseases like stroke, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, etc. You should also be wary of a few factors that could cause obesity like eating habits, stress, less physical activity and emotional eating.

To overcome obesity, you need to actively be on a fitness plan that helps you to lose weight and what better way to lose weight is than by burning more calories than you consume? Your fitness plan should be achievable according to your capacity to include a smart calorie deficit which makes you consume fewer calories than you burn and make sure that to have your food healthy with a lot of vegetables and fruits. Make sure you’re not hard on yourself with carrying out your plans. Baby steps are great to start with, and then you can work your way up as things get better with discipline.

A few food options you can add to your plan to overcome obesity are fruits, whole grains, vegetables, etc. Avoid taking in too much salt and/or sugar, saturated fat or processed foods. Be as physically active as you can and you will do really great!

What do you know about obesity? Let’s talk in the comments!


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