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6 health benefits of Kolanut you did not know

Derived from the word Cola genus, Cola/Kolanut is from the Kola tree, which is originally from the tropical rain forests of Africa. It contains caffeine, which makes it a source of food and an element of alternative medicine for certain cultures. Kolanuts are used as flavouring agents as well. It has a bitter taste and is a growing medicinal choice for healthy living. It can be found in dietary supplements, energy drinks and performance enhancers.

Here are six reasons why you should chew this bitter miracle:

Boosts Metabolism

It gives a metabolic boost optimizing heart health, especially for people with slow metabolism. Its caffeine content is a necessary health stimulant for boosting metabolism and stimulating the body. When used in moderate doses, metabolism optimizes itself and this has positive enzymatic and physiological effects on the body.


Our village elders will start an important ceremony with a Kolanut because it cleared the mind and aided them to make better decisions. There were different quotes flying around as a result of its significance and interpretation in our culture. It increases circulation in the body, boosting oxygen to the essential parts of your body. They are sometimes called cognitive boosters because of their ability to increase oxygen levels in the brain and enhance concentration.


The kolanut is useful in the treatment of digestive problems and also reduces constipation. It also reduces constipation, cramping and serious gastrointestinal issues.

Prostate cancer

While research is still ongoing, there are quite a few arguments about if the phytoestrogens and phtoandrogens are great stimulants for apoptosis in prostate cancer cells. The study is relatively new, but applications for other cancerous cell types are being explored.

Boosts the immune system

Kolanut extracts like the roots, stem and leaves can prevent some bacterial infections in the body. They contain compounds that can be used against infections/illnesses like meningitis, bronchitis and tuberculosis. While the nuts themselves have not been directly connected to this benefit, its extracts belong to the same family tree.

Fitness Nut

Due to its positive impact on metabolism, it also helps in fat burning.

Note that if you already suffer from high blood pressure or are sensitive to caffeine, Kolanuts are a risk for you. Side effects include shaky hands, stomach upset and insomnia and you might need to consult a professional to know how to include it in your dietary plans.

What do you know about Kolanuts? Let’s talk in the comments!

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