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Top 5 fitness apps that will help you reach your goals in 2018

If you have set fitness goals to achieve in 2018, it can be quite confusing and difficult to achieve them if you do not employ the services of a personal trainer.  However, fitness apps can rescue you. As a New Year treat, we have collated this list containing exercise apps that can kick you off to a great fitness start in 2018:

Workout Trainer

Bored of the same boring routine? This app is for you. Its versatility covers hundreds of workouts ranging from cardio, to yoga and relaxation. It’s a great app that helps you to stay active throughout the day. However you’re feeling on a certain day is directly proportional to what type of workout you will choose for that day.  It helps to switch up your routine, give boredom a kick and keep track of your daily activities while offering you a lot of options to choose from.

Yoga Studio

Yoga is another form of exercise that helps your body to relax and achieve comfort in the best way. All you need for this app is a quiet, comforting and relaxing space that gives the yoga studio vibe, hence cancelling out having to subscribe to one. The app offers varieties of virtual yoga classes suitable for all practice levels (beginner to advanced). Implement this app into your lifestyle to save the time, energy and money that it would cost to pay elsewhere.

My Fitness Pal

While it doesn’t contain actual exercise routines, this app is a good fitness tracker. It allows you to scan and record details of food intake per day, as well as your daily physical activity, which can be linked to other apps on your phone. It keeps track of everything from nutrition such as calories, carbs, etc to your physical activities. It also allows you to set goals according to your fitness expectations.

Google Fit

It’s one of the best fitness apps out there with its best feature as the complete and total integration with Android wear, which makes it a fantastic try for you if you own a smartwatch. It gives you stats to analyze, goals to achieve and different tracking options. It’s an app that covers basic features very well, making it easily workable for beginners so you don’t have to worry if you’re one. Guess what? It’s also free!

Truppr App

This is a “community” based app that motivates you with exercising/working out/fitfamming with groups of people with the same fitness goals. There are tons of runs or events to participate in and nothing puts fun in fitness more than a fun group.  It’s been around for a while and you can check out more details about Truppr in this interview with someone from the company. They have a versatile selection of activities you will be interested in, while fulfilling your fitness goals.

Which exercise apps do you use? If they are not in the list, why not share with us in the comments below?

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