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6 New Year resolutions in health and fitness

It is a New Year, welcome to 2018 guys. This also means it is time of for New Year resolutions. We all know how hard they are to keep and if you are like most adults, you have probably skipped a resolution half way through because you just couldn’t remain consistent. However, we make them anyway, because this might just be the year we keep them all right?

It is no different for resolutions around fitness and health, that’s why we have created a list of easy to maintain health New Year resolutions you can use.

 Get more sleep

Getting 8 hours of sleep every day of the week may feel like a stretch, and for many working class people, totally unrealistic. However, is important to try to get enough rest every night. A sleep schedule is important, an alarm for when to go to bed and when to get up should be set, sync them up.

Tell yourself for instance that you will go to bed an hour earlier than your usual bedtime and keep to it. Carry on shifting that hour earlier every week and go on with this till a better sleep routine pops up.

Drink more water

 The brain is mostly water, drinking it helps think and focus better, as an added bonus – energy levels are boosted. Water helps to boost the immune system and flushes out toxins in the body. Doctors say we are to consume a liter of water in a day. Switch that glass of soda to water and your body will thank you.

 Cut down on stress

Too much stress can lead to bouts of insomnia, depression and even obesity. It is important to cut out on many things to create pressure and fatigue. Spend more time with family, work fewer hours and sleep more. Stress is inevitable but can be managed. Mini vacations and socializing should be incorporated into your live this year.

Eat mindfully

Eating mindfully does not mean staying away from the things we like, it just means eating them in the right proportion. Incorporating lots of greens and healthy smoothies alongside regular meals, for instance, is a good start.

Doctors’ say when we eat balanced meals regularly, our body creates an attachment to those meals. Mindful eating leads to a balanced, healthy diet with your favorite munch on the side.


 Working out does not have to be a do or die affair, it also does not have to be gym related. First, narrow down what it is you want to achieve – weight loss, increasing flexibility or building muscles.

Align your exercise routine with these goals and you are more likely to enjoy them and keep going back.

 Cut back on alcohol intake

 Alcohol when taken in small doses is not harmful, however too much of it is a bigger issue. Drinking a lot affects the brain’s neurotransmitters and can go as far as increasing memory loss and promote seizures.

It is necessary to consider reducing how much alcohol one takes in. Start by taking less a bottle than you normally would – and keep going at it. Or make drinking alcohol less of a routine.

What are your New Year resolutions? Share with us in the comment box guys.

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