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5 Reasons you should drink more water

This is not the first time, you are being told to drink more water. Of course there are a plethora of reasons to heed that advice. However, as the dryness of harmattan approaches with the dry season to follow, here are some other reasons we can give you:

Increases energy

Regular intake of water helps your brain function better. Your brain is 90% water, so drinking it increases thoughtfulness, focus and keeps you at alert. You are less likely to fall ill when you take more water as it boosts your immune system – fighting against flu and other ailments like heart attacks. Water also aids in digestion – helps your food go down easily.

Moisturizes your skin

Water keeps your skin fresh and moisturized. When most old people with good looks are asked about their secret, a lot of them say water. It is really one of the best anti-aging treatments you can get. For free too.

Natural remedy

Migraines and back pains are usually caused by dehydration. You probably won’t think about water while the pain is getting the best of you, but what if you did? Proper water intake also keeps your joints and muscles lubricated.

Weight loss

It’s very common among people in fitness programs too!  It removes by-products of fats, increases your metabolism, has no calories and reduces hunger. After a considerable amount of time in the gym or outside it, water rids your body of waste through sweat and urination, reducing the risk of kidney stones and urinary tract infection (UTIs).

Saves money

It’s natural. It’s free! It’s cheaper than any fizzy drinks you might prefer.



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