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Health Benefits Of Agbalumo

African cherry/ African star apple (Agbalumo in Yoruba, Udara in Igbo and Agwaluma in Hausa) is a popular seasonal fruit consumed in Nigeria with its flesh.
Grown in tropical Africa, the fruit has many health benefits.

Weight management

Agbalumo is a low calorie fruit with about 67 calories. It is great for weight management and can be used to stop hunger pangs. It contains fiber, which helps in reducing appetite and prevents eating too much. Nutritionists say that the fruit is laced with about 3g of the recommended 25 to 38g of fiber required by the body daily.

Natural remedy for diseases

A study by the department of biological sciences, covenant University showed that Agbalumo is useful in treating various diseases. The seeds of the fruit are useful in reducing fevers and treating diarrhea. The bark is also used for treating malaria and yellow fever. The study also confirmed the use of the leaves of the fruit in the treatment of skin eruption and stomachache.

Source of vitamins

Agbalumo is a good source of calcium. The calcium content in one Agbalumo provides the body with 10% of the required daily amount. It allows for strong bones and proper teeth development. The calcium rooted in the fruit also helps to reduce symptom of cramping, pre menstrual pain and abdominal bloating.

It is additionally a vital source of Vitamin C and A which help to prevent gum diseases and help the heart, lungs and other organs work properly.

Natural antioxidant

Agbalumo is a natural antioxidant, which protects the body cells and removes damaging agents in the body when breaking down food. This means that consuming the fruit gives the body a better chance of fighting cancer and heart diseases.

Anti Bacteria

Agbalumo exhibit strong antibacterial activity against common bacteria isolates. A study from the forest research institute, Ibadan suggests that the methanolic extracts from the leaves of the fruit are filled with active agents that fight off bacteria in the body.

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