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5 restaurants that cater to vegetarian needs in Nigeria

There was a time in the past, an article with this headline would have been fallacious. There were not that many places that catered to vegetarians at all, especially ones that catered to them specifically. However, the Nigerian hospitality industry has been relatively quick to respond to the growing needs of a population turning away totally from consuming meat and sometimes the by-product of slaughtered animals.

The restaurants in this article are in Lagos and Abuja as we do not want to make an exhaustive list. If you leave outside these places, all you have to do is search for vegetarian restaurants close to you and you will most likely come up with some interesting search results. For those, not able to find any, we would suggest visiting a nearby state and stocking up on your needs periodically. Or you could get a cookbook for vegans and whip up some magic, when you can.

1. Ocean Basket

Located at Victoria Island and Ikeja City Mall in Lagos, Ocean Basket  is one of South Africa’s favorite chain of seafood restaurants. And like most things imported, it has found a good following in Lagos. They offer vegetarian friendly and gluten free options and the food is relatively pocket-friendly and we hear their customer service is top-notch.

2. Masala Wahala 

Masala Wahala is a South Indian Restaurant located at the center of Abuja, Ceddi Plaza in the central business district. They also offer vegetarian friendly and gluten free options. The design and ambiance have been praised by several customers. Although the service seems to be slow, it is worth the wait.

3. Shiro Restaurant

Located at Victoria Island, Lagos, close to the popular Landmark centre, Shiro restaurant which also has a bar is relatively new, but seems to have made a good impression among customers. They serve Japanese, Asian and Vegetarian food and have a wide range of vegan options.

4. Serendib Restaurant 

Although it is largely popular for its Sri Lankan food, Serendib also has vegan options. The restaurant id located in Jabi, Abuja, at the Lake Crescent Hotel and is known for its affordability and courteous service.

5. Orchid House Thai Restaurant

Located on Marine road in Apapa, Lagos, this Thai restaurant is hidden, unless you know the environment well. There are several good reviews of the service and food and its vegan options are welcome addition to the list.

What other vegan or vegan-friendly restaurants do you know in Nigeria? Let us know in the comment box below.

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