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Nigerians and Fitness: The Story of Truppr

In Nigeria, more people are buying into the idea of keeping fit and going the extra mile to stay healthy.

Weekly activities around keeping fit, have become a kind of social activity for many. Besides, it is more fun to carry out your health and fitness routine with others who share the same goal.

I first heard of Truppr in 2014, when the term “fitfam” wasn’t really popular in Nigeria, so imagine my surprise when I heard there was a brand that brought people together for the sole purpose of keeping healthy. While it is owned by Bosun Tijani, we were able to get in-depth information about the brand from Miss Adenike Aminu, who works closely with the brand.

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Can you give us a brief insight into what Truppr is all about?

Truppr commenced operation in 2014 and has since increased the number of individuals in its pool of subscribers across Nigeria, Africa and some parts of Europe. Truppr is a social fitness platform that enhances communities by connecting them to fitness events in and around their areas.

The common factor that binds all is the appreciation for health, fitness and wellness. We have organized over 80 events since inception. Truppr shifts the focus of fitness from being a couch potato to an active person through connections.

Since inception, how have Nigerians received the brand as a whole?

The brand resonates in the heads, hearts and mind of over half a million Nigerians, and the app has over 40,000 subscribers.

What have you observed in Nigerians and their relationship with fitness so far?

The acceptance of fitness has greatly evolved, because we have created fun and exciting mediums to assist people burn calories and beyond that build communities through networking.


Are there any unique Truppr activities that you think are synonymous with good health and fitness?

Truppr Monthly Run
Truppr Santa dash
Truppr Adventure
Corporate wellness

What are your best/funny moment(s) as regards Truppr, from inception till date?

The maiden edition of the monthly run was one that remains fresh in our hearts because it was the first of its kind in Nigeria, and the excitement to own a Truppr tee that has become a signature workout gear in Nigeria led to shoves and arguments amongst attendees. Eventually everyone got one.

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In one healthy word, what would you say is Truppr’s essence?

Obviously, Truppr’s essence is networking and fitness. If you haven’t had any time for both separately, then Truppr is a great way to get both done at the same time.

Great friendships are usually formed on runs or workouts with strangers – you never know. They also have a podcast on fitness.

To sign up for fitness events or simply find out more about them, see their website at

Have you heard of Truppr? What events have you showed up for? How was your experience and how well have you been able to achieve your fitness goals? Tell us in the comment box.

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