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3 Female Nigerian Celebrity Fitness crush

Fitness and healthy lifestyle has taken centre stage amongst young Nigerians. This is a trend we are particularly excited about here at AHM. We have observed quite a few Nigerian celebrities showing off their workout routines/healthy lifestyle choices and 3 women have totally made us fall in love with their passion for fitness. Without further ado, here they are, in no particular order of course 🙂

  1. Amara Kanu

amara kanu

Amara is a coach to women around the globe on achieving healthier lifestyles through exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Amara has a client base of parents/mothers with whom she shares her tips on raising confident children, achieving sound work/life balance and management of the home. Amara’s positive energy, drive and determination are what keep her at the top of her game and she is keen on helping, motivating and supporting others.


Amara has now penned down a highly anticipated book titled “Healthy Living with Amara Kanu”.


2.  Somkele Iyamah-Idhalama



Somkele is a Nigerian TV and film actress. She is known for her roles in Dreamwalker (2012), 93 Days (2016), The Wedding Party (2016), The Arbitration (2016), the TV series Gidi Up (2013–present) and gained recognition at the Toronto and African International Film Festivals.


She is a fitness fanatic, going by her instagram activities and absolutely toned body. Somkele is also passionate about healthy eating and fitness for her is a lifestyle. Her body and healthy lifestyle habit are major goals!!!

somkele iyamah


3. Kate Henshaw 


The popular Nigerian actress has positioned herself not just as a top actress but also as a force to reckon with in body fitness. Kate Henshaw is known for her consistent workouts and she’s even got a workout video.  Aunty Kate often uploads videos of her daily workout on social media. The forty-four-year-old  has a physique of a teenager as a sign of her dedication to fitness and healthy living.



Do you agree with out list? If not, who do you think we need to keep an eye out for? Comment below 🙂


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