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Signs of breast cancer explained, using lemons

Breast cancer is the most common malignant tumour that affects African women. Every year a growing number of women suffer from this illness, which in most cases leads to death.

However, doctors certify that this dangerous illness could be cured. Detection of breast cancer in its earlier phase leads to greater possibilities for recovery, even up to 80%. This is the reason why women should make self-examination of breasts a  habit.

During self-examination you should especially pay attention to the following signs: presence of lumps, breast thickening, any changes in skin, dimpling of breasts and/or breast pain, new breast shape. presence of a thick mass or indentation of breasts.

This new campaign using lemons helps women know exactly what to identify during a self-examination. We thought to share it with our readers as it makes breast examination very easy. Check it out below 🙂


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