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Daily Foods for a clean Stomach

Sedentary lifestyle and erratic eating habits affect our health in many ways and one of the most common consequences is GUT TROUBLE. The ease with which your stomach gets cleaned depends entirely on what you eat. And with a careful selection of foods and drinks, you can beat those bad-bowel-days.
Wondering what to put on your plate? Let’s start with the Mantra – High Fiber and High Fluid Diet. The dietary fiber improves the transit time and allowed the stools to be fluffy and easy to pass. Here are the foods that help in improving the fiber load of the diet.
Fruits and vegetables

healthy food for stomach

Include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Even better, choose the seasonal ones and eat them raw. Enjoy the goodness of the whole fruit with the skin. Doing so would keep the nutrients and enzymes intact, as they reach your stomach and ultimately the colon.
Whole grains and legumes
healthy food for stomach
Replace the split and polished grains with the whole varities. Legumes and beans are excellent sources of fiber. Teem-up your regular salads with dried beans, peas and sprouts for improving their flavor and fiber totals. Choose from a variety of pulses, beans and grains.
It is central to maintain a liberal water intake, to allow the fiber to carry out its planned function of cleaning the stomach. Consider lemon juice, buttermilk, plain milk, coconut water and freshly prepared soups in your daily diet to suffice the total fluid requirement of the body.

Prebiotics and probiotics


Prebiotics and probiotics are important too. They help in maintaining ideal levels of gut friendly bacteria that help in appropriate digestion and assimilation of the nutrients. Probiotic foods like yoghurt, sauerkraut and kefir contain species of worthy bacteria that improves digestion and hence the gut movements. Include prebiotic foods like artichoke, raw banana, asparagus, onion and milk. These foods support the growth of beneficial bacteria and should be part of a healthy diet.


I hope this helps. If you try these out, let us know if you see improvements in your gut.

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  1. I’ve never considered drinking lemon juice before. I have heard that African food is very healthy though. Would African food be good if I ordered it online? I want to try a little before I order a lot. Thanks.

    1. Hi Annie,
      Yes, I think African food is healthy and a lot are organic. Where do you live? I can suggest some based on your location. Also, there are a few good African food bloggers on instagram who also make home cooked meals and deliver to your door step. Let me know what area you live so that i can hook you up:)

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