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The AsktheGynaecologist (ATG) project launches in Nigeria

A new project which will be beneficial to Nigerian women has recently been launched. This project is very important as it comes at a time when maternal mortality is prevalent in Nigeria.
The AsktheGynaecologist (ATG) project is a program specially designed to provide virtual consultation services to Nigerians who are desirous of having qualitative medical advice and solutions at their fingertips via social media, email, telephone, etc. The envisaged virtual consultations will focus primarily on women health issues and wellness.
The project intends to educate, create positive awareness campaigns and proactive participation in changing the status quo in maternal health, and by extension reduce the alarmingly high rate of maternal morbidity and mortality.
The objectives of this project are:
1. Provide a platform for education of women on reproductive health
2. Empower women with tools to take charge of their health
3. Promote gender equality, equity and justice
I am very excited about the creation of this platform for women and what’s more exciting is that participation is free. All people need to do is:
Visit their website at
Facebook: AsktheGynaecologist
Email: Team@askthegynaecologist,
The team behind this platform are experts in medicine and gynaecology. They are:
Dr Babajide Alalade (United Kingdom)
Dr Chudi Godsons (United States)
Dr Lilian Ugwumadu (United Kingdom)
Mr Francis Chilaka – KUTH Foundation (Nigeria)
For more information, please visit their website here
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17 thoughts on “The AsktheGynaecologist (ATG) project launches in Nigeria

    1. Hi Oluchi,

      Please visit the site and drop a message. One of the gynaecologists will reply as soon as possible. Thanks 🙂

    1. Small breast are normal. The amount of breast fat does not count but the ability of the breast to have enough milk glands in it to make enough milk for the baby. Women with small breasts find that their breasts grow a lot during pregnancy, and make enough milk. So, do not to worry!

  1. Please doctor am 22 years of age and I haven’t seen any sign of menstruation and my breast have not grown at all, what can I do? am depressed

  2. Comment *Doc pls i have this pain in my hip bone after i gave birth ,it so painful especially wen i want to sleep wat do i do to stop it.pls post on fb since i cant access my mail.thanks

  3. Hello Doctor, thanks for this platform, God bless you. I have an issue with my period. It’s been a long journey; from exploratory laparatomy to endometriosis to treatment with Danazol and an oral contraceptive to pleural effusion, etc. In 2015 the period began to be really irregular, I think I menstruated twice then 2016 thrice now in 2017, I’ve not menstruated so far, I don’t understand hat’s happening, it didn’t use to be that way; kindly advise, regards.

  4. Please sir i am 29 years old, and I have been fighting with the issue of menstral disorder, I have not been seen my mensuration for six months now, I went for altrasound and the doctor discover that i have 2 follicles of cysts in my right ovary measured 24-26 m. Please sir what can i do to get my mensuration back

  5. Pls sir my period started to be irregular for the past 2 months now buh am always a 26 days circle and I dnt knw If am ovulating or not and could it be am pregnant for my period to be irregular pls sir I need help Coz am trying to conceive thanks

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