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Nigeria – Meningitis outbreak caused by lack of vaccines

Meningitis Outbreak Claims 250 in Niger

An outbreak of meningitis in Niger state has claimed 252 lives since January and the country is short of vaccines to fight the outbreak.

As of May 3, 252 people died out of a total of 3,304 cases. Less than two weeks ago, the government had put the toll at 129 people out of 1,150 cases.The number of cases has risen in the past three weeks. This is worrisome because there aren’t enough vaccines.

A meningitis epidemic has been declared in eight districts of Niger, while three others are in a state of alert.The whole of Niger is currently under quarantine, in an effort to contain the highly contagious disease.Some 300,000 vaccine doses have arrived and are currently being distributed. That is less than half the amount the authorities ordered, and far below the 1.8 million doses actually needed to stop the epidemic.


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2 thoughts on “Nigeria – Meningitis outbreak caused by lack of vaccines

    1. Yes.The lack of vaccines tells us that the Nigerian government is not investing a lot in healthcare..especially in areas where people need it the most. the state of our current healthcare is so bad that i doubt the government can handle it alone. So i think private alliances would be a great idea. Alternatively, there are NGOs that focus on providing access to Meningitis vaccines so i guess you could make a donation to these NGOs if you want to contribute to reducing the burden. Let me know if you need any more information. Thanks

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