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Watch how as little as 50 cents could end all 7 of these Neglected Tropical Diseases

About Neglected Tropical Diseases

What are neglected tropical diseases (NTDs)?

NTDs are devastating, chronic diseases that keep people from living to their
fullest potential. NTDs affect the world’s poorest, most marginalised populations, primarily in
tropical climates.

What are the effects of NTDs

NTDs blind, disable, disfigure and stigmatise. Without treatment NTDs keep people and communities trapped in a cycle of poverty. NTDs keep children from going to school, learning and growing in the best way possible. NTDs prevent adults from working and caring for their families.

Can people have more than one NTD?

Yes, living conditions in rural villages without access to clean water or basic sanitation, makes it more likely for people to get more than one NTD.

What is NTD treatment?

A simple packet of pills treats and protects one person per year against the
most common NTDs. Treatment is safe and highly effective. Multiple NTDs can be treated at once through community-wide distribution programs. Unlike other diseases, NTDs do not need people with medical training or
medical facilities. Teachers and community health workers can distribute treatment pills using existing infrastructure, such as schools and community centres.

About END7

What is the END7 Campaign?

‘END7’ is run by the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases, an initiative of the US based Sabin Vaccine Institute, which has received support from World Health Organization (WHO) and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Why 7?

The END 7 campaign tackles the seven most common NTDs because they make up 90% of the total global burden.

Can we really end 7 by 2020?

Yes, through sustained Mass Drug Administration we can cut transmission rates for these diseases and reach a point where they are eliminated as a public health threat to once-endemic communities. Need better integration with other health sectors representing water,sanitation and education to take a more holistic approach to solving persistent
health issues facing the world’s poor.

Why is 2020 the target year for addressing the seven most common NTDs?

2020 is a goal set by global health partners in coordination with the World Health Organisation.

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