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10 Amazing Smoothie Hacks..Yummy,Quick and Easy!

#1 Freeze Ingredients for Later

If you want to save yourself the extra steps in the morning, prep most of your smoothie ingredients the night or up to a week before. Simply follow your recipes, chopping the ingredients and adding the correct measurements of fruit, veggies and spices then store them in plastic storage bags. Don’t add any of the liquid ingredients until you’re ready to make the smoothies.

#2 Sneaky Spinach

If Popeye taught us anything it’s that spinach makes us strong and healthy. Though, for most of us the idea of eating canned or even fresh spinach is unappetizing. This mix sneaks in a bit of spinach and it’s so good, you won’t believe there’s anything leafy and green in it!

#3 Milk Cubes

Want to make a smoothie that can last a while without getting watered down? Simply freeze part of your liquid ingredients the night before. Use milk, almond milk, coconut water or even coffee, depending on the recipe you want to make. When you make your smoothie, instead of adding ice cubes to the mix, add these milk cubes and you’ll have an ice cold smoothie without the watered down taste later!

#4 Cleaning the Blender

One of the reasons smoothies can be such a hassle is because you have to clean the blender so much. If you want to save yourself some serious time and effort, follow this easy hack! As soon as you’re done making the smoothie, transfer it to another container. Put a bit of soap in the blender then fill it with water and mix it like you were blending a drink. Rinse it out from there and voila!

#5 Yogurt Packets

The more prep work, the less work that has to go into your smoothies when you decide to make them! Use an ice tray to freeze plain or vanilla lowfat yogurt. Each cube is about a tablespoon of yogurt so you will have it handy to just add as much as you want to your smoothie when you’re making it.

#6 Frozen Juice Concentrate

When in doubt, use frozen juice concentrate if you don’t usually have juice on hand. This will save you room in the fridge and it will keep your smoothie cold. If you’re worried about sugar content, look for a concentrate that is all natural.

#7 Coconut Water

Add a bit of coconut water to your smoothie. It will add some electrolytes and help you get hydrated first thing in the morning.

#8 Frozen Bananas

Freeze some bananas for your smoothies. This way you will always have them on hand, they will add a thickness to the smoothie because they’re frozen and you won’t have to worry about them getting too ripe to be used. To freeze them easily, slice the bananas and then store them flat on a plate until frozen (so they don’t stick together), then store them in freezer bags.

#9 Layering the Mix

Add half of your liquid first and then layer your ingredients carefully. Start with the softest ingredients, adding the hardest last. Add the other half of the liquid last and you will have the perfectly blended smoothie in no more than 30 seconds!

#10 Filling Breakfast

Don’t have time to sit down to breakfast in the morning? You’ve heard about trying smoothies but if they usually leave you hungry, check this one out. The peanut butter, oats and almond milk make it as filling as a meal, giving your body the fuel you need to be at your best! It’s set to get you energized and out the door!

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