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5 ways to flatten your stomach without exercise

#1 Hold It In

Keeping your stomach held in doesn’t just make your stomach look flatter. Whenever you have a spare moment, use your muscles to hold your stomach in as hard as you can as long as you can. Repeat it throughout the day and you’ll build the abdominal muscles that will flatten your stomach even when you’re not clenching.

#2 Skip the Soda

Carbonated beverages make your stomach bloat right away. Definitely avoid these when its time to squeeze into your skinny jeans. For the best results, avoid them all together. Soda’s sugar gets turned to fat and stored around your belly. Drink water or low-calorie uncarbonated drinks instead.

#3 Chew

Chew your food slowly — at least 10 times — before you swallow. When your body has to work harder to break down the food that your mouth didn’t, it’s more likely to store fat around your belly instead of breaking it down. Plus, scarfing your food pumps air in that bloats your belly.

#4 Stand Up Straight

It’s deceptively simple: stand up straight and employ that great posture your mom’s always reminding you about. It will make you look 5 pounds thinner. Plus, it engages your stomach muscles. Toning them all day will establish the smooth muscles you need to burn belly fat.

#5 Eat More Whole Grains

A Pennsylvania State University study found that subjects with diets high in whole grains shed more than twice as much belly fat as those who didn’t. As it turns out, whole grains reduce the insulin levels that encourage fat storage around your belly.

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