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Anti-Gay Law to Slow Nigeria’s HIV/Aids Fight

I wrote an article last year on the effect passing an anti-gay law could have on the control and spread of HIV. You can find the article here. Interestingly, i got so many gay bashing comments on this article and even some went as far as cursing me out for writing it. Eventually, i had to disable comments on the article. Today, UNAIDS have reported that the  new anti-gay law risks hindering progress in the fight against HIV and Aids, as it will prevent vulnerable people from accessing essential services. This is exactly the point i was making last year. It seems in Nigeria today, being gay is worse than a potential HIV epidemic. We could be faced with an epidemic in a few years especially as new data have revealed that a high proportion of  Nigerians do not practice safe sex.  According to statistics, 8 out of 10 Nigerian men do not use condoms. This was revealed by Bright Ekweremadu, the Managing Director of Society for Family Health, SFH. He said over 1.8billion sexual activities occur in Nigeria yearly, and 80% of them are unprotected.  Another study carried out by Avert shows that worldwide, Nigeria has the second highest number of new HIV infections reported each year.

Seeing that the health infrastructure in Nigeria is very poor, i wonder how the country will manage this potential health threat in a few years to come.

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